The market for collection, verification, and scoring of corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) data for listed equity and fixed income has been growing for over 20 years and has seen some first signs of consolidation in the last five years. Existing players have been forced to become more transparent and work on the quality of the data collected. Nonetheless, there is still some space in the market. Particularly for those newcomers that deep dive into a specific ESG topic, have found new methods for collection, mapping, or verification of data, or focus on new asset classes.

Product development

Blue Phoenix supports organizations that have identified a gap in the ESG rating market and need a helping hand structuring their plans. Services range from a plan that should help the organization build its ESG rating in-house, to full support in delivering a rating methodology and framework.

Process optimization

Are you a rater looking to grow its market share? Or are you eager to keep your current position? Some answers may be found in a review of your rating processes. Process optimization is one of Blue Phoenix’s core strengths. You’ll receive concrete tips and tricks on how to improve the quality of your rating, how to make the process more efficient, how to better communicate the methodology and its process, etc.